About Us

My name is Courtnie and my husband and I own and run Brooklyn Blush.

I am the mother to five terrific kids; four girls and one boy. As my oldest daughter has gotten older, finding appropriate yet fashionable clothes for her has become increasingly difficult. She doesn't want to wear unicorns and rainbows and I don't want her looking like an 18 year-old!

As I talked to other moms at dance, in my neighborhood, and at school functions, I realized that I wasn't alone. After conducting additional research, we found that there are great options, but not all in one place. We decided to take on the challenge to bring these great clothing options in one place and Brooklyn Blush was formed.

Not only is our clothing trendy, but it showcases each girls unique style and individuality.  Our commitment is to put the buying power back into the hands of the parents!